Elizabeth & Joel

June 26, 2021 • Mechanicsburg, PA
49 Days To Go!

Elizabeth & Joel

June 26, 2021 • Mechanicsburg, PA
49 Days To Go!

Our Story

Our love story is my favorite

Elizabeth and Joel met in fall 2014 while attending graduate school at Penn State - Harrisburg. They sat one seat away from each other in class. That semester, most of their exchanges were brief and consisted of complaints (mainly from Joel) about the requirement for graded homework in a graduate-level class.

As fate would have it, Elizabeth and Joel ended up in a class together the following semester. One evening, a few classmates began talking about dueling pianos. Elizabeth mentioned she recently attended an awesome dueling piano bar in Myrtle Beach (Crocodile Rocks for all you Broadway at the Beach fans!) while on vacation with friends. Joel then mentioned his love of dueling pianos, and the rest is history. A few weeks later, on June 26, 2015, Elizabeth and Joel went on their first date to...you guessed it…dueling pianos, where they drank Summer Shandies and sang along to “Piano Man.”

They quickly discovered how much they had in common, including their love of:

· Penn State football (although Elizabeth’s love has grown substantially since 2015 as has her Penn State wardrobe);

· Miniature golf (Elizabeth’s appreciation for real golf has grown as well, especially all those quiet days when Joel is out golfing);

· Live music;

· Time with family and friends;

· Relaxing vacations;

· Board games (UNO and SEQUENCE!);

· Hiking;

· Watching documentaries;

· Food (Elizabeth cooks/bakes and Joel eats!).

Their friendship and love for each other has blossomed and grown daily since that first date. So, what better way to start the next chapter of their lives together than by getting married on their six-year anniversary!? 6.26.15 - 6.26.21 JE+EJ